How I paid $90 for a Walmart Computer → Clearance Deals + Tips | Finding Hidden and Secret Prices

2020-08-25 11,186 204 205,994 YouTube

I saved $449 on a Computer at Walmart. Let me show you exactly how I did it! I visited 9 Walmart locations on this journey of Walmart clearance. Throughout the video I show hidden clearance and secret prices while also showing lots of clearance at Walmart! I even make a little bit of money to offset my purchase! Finding a cheap computer from Walmart was important to me in this video! We genuinely hope y'all enjoy this! If you like these videos, make sure you checkout some of my Top Videos: HOW TO FIND HIDDEN CLEARANCE: $20 Budget Haul at Walmart: Employees Saved me $800: Find Walmart Clearance at Target: How To Find Target Hidden Clearance: HUGE Walmart Clearance Inventory: 7 Hidden Clearance Store: Feeding Homeless with Clearance: Make $100 Buying Walmart Clearance: There's always so many others on our main channel page: Please Subscribe!! Thank you so much for being here and supporting this channel! We appreciate you so much! Genuinely from the bottom of our heart. Want to score deals at other stores? - This video will give you a head-start on the best deals! This one can help so many people in my opinion! - MY SOCIAL MEDIA - - Facebook-@Superunsexy - Twitter- @Superunsexy - My Instagram - - Kathleens Instagram - BUSINESS INQUIRIES: PO BOX: Super Unsexy P.O. Box 6445 Katy, TX 77491