Americans Try Canadian Snacks

2019-07-07 5,339 876 481,094 YouTube

Chocolate with air bubbles? Rockets are Smarties and Smarties are chocolate? Salty, sweet AND savory chips??? WHAT IS HAPPENING IN CANADA??!?! Our dear friend, trusted Blue Wrench, and Canadian neighbor, Blair, sent us an awesome box packed full of snacks from the north. Canadians are notorious for being super nice and as one fan joked "even their snacks are poilte." But Canada can keep the Swiss Chalet. Just not our cup of dipping sauce. *** we apologize in advance for Tara's disastrous attempt at French*** BUSINESS TIME! Subscribe to this Channel: SOCIAL MEDIA REQUIREMENTS Our Pinterest: Our Instagram https: Reddit: Tara Instagram: Natalie Instagram: Tara Twitter Natalie Twitter: Send us Stuff! Tara Jayn PO BOX 741966 LOS ANGELES, CA 90004-8961 #trystuff #nextthing #canadiansnacks