The Lopez Brothers Do My Makeup!

2020-06-18 551,737 14,404 8,980,319 YouTube

hi draguns! meet both of my boyfriends... lol jk. meet Tony Lopez and Ondreaz Lopez known to the world as the Tik Tok hot boy duo dancing, grinding, and helicoptering. i challenged the boys to do my makeup! ...i swear this was a sober thot and i am SHOOK at the results. i know there's been a lot of talk of me and the boys... i mean come on boys and girls can just be FRIENDS ....anyways i'm so happy for y'all to see how much FUN we have together. comment down below which brother u think did the best job! love u so much xo DRAGUN. —— shop dragun beauty ----- follow the boys :) @Lopez Brothers Tony @ Lopez_Tony Ondreaz @ OndreazLopez ----- IG: @ NikitaDragun TIKTOK: @ NikitaDragun SNAP: MamaDragun TWITTER: @ NikitaDragun EMAIL: