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Unboxing of 1:18 Ford Edge + detailed diecast review

More pictures here: I bought this Ford Edge on eBay for around $130 and it came in a nice wooden box. It was a bit dusty, ...

2018-04-23 22:18 788,483 YouTube


Halo Guys... --- Udah gitu aja --- Review Diecast Uni-Car Vw Beetle Police : --- FOLLOW instagram : manzghostcasters Jangan ...

2018-07-12 09:58 4,030 YouTube

v e y v l o g #1 : Review Diecast 1/18 Honda CR-V (RM)

Di vlog kali ini saya mainin mini CR-V. Jangan lupa subscribe dan like video saya, serta main-main ke channel tempat nguli saya Auto Plus Indonesia. Follow ...

2017-05-27 10:15 30,049 YouTube

1/18 Mini McLaren P1 Diecast Model Car LED Lights Review Unboxing

What do you think about this: Unboxing diecast composite model miniature tuning awesome collection ...

2018-02-02 02:38 1,715,259 YouTube


Halo Omers, ketemu lagi.. Kali ini saya mencoba mereview sebuah merk diecast asal dari Itali, yaitu BBURAGO. Kali ini dengan Ferrari FXX K skala 1/24.

2018-04-22 11:55 13,771 YouTube

Cars 2 Carlo Maserati Disney diecast diecast toy review

\rJoin Surprise Eggs and toys on an adventure of fun and discovery with Kinder Surprise Eggs, Play-Doh toys, stop motion videos, rare Japanese candies and excit...

2016-12-23 01:03 0 Dailymotion

Hot Rod Mater Cars 2 Fabrizio Metallic Finish Chase Diecast Disney Pixar Diecast Toys Review

From disney pixar cars 2, here we have hot rod mater and fabrizio, both are 1:43 scale diecast cars from disney stores found online for $6.50 - ...

2016-10-06 03:52 6 Dailymotion

Tomica Acer C-24 Diecast CARS 2 Lemons Diecast 2013 Takara Tomy Disney Pixar toy review

From disney pixar cars 2, this is tomica acer from takaratomy import from Japan. This is a 1:64 scale diecast. \r\rMusic by Kevin MacLeod.\r\rCars 2 is a animat...

2016-03-02 01:35 4 Dailymotion

Cars 2 Victor Hugo #30 diecast review diecast Disney Pixar Mattel toys

The dreaded Victor H. is the head of the Hugo crime family. Sure hes known to break down quite often, has leaky seals and gaskets, and is still waiting on major...

2016-10-06 01:16 1 Dailymotion

The Diecast Review Show - New Arrival Diecast 8-27-2015

The Diecast Review Show - New Arrival Diecast 8-27-2015...

2015-09-04 08:40 1 Dailymotion