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T-Rex Terror! | Hot Wheels City: Season 3 | Episode 4

There's something big, blue, and full of teeth in Hot Wheels City causing a ruckus! Just when Chase and Elliot finished dealing with those pesky raptors, a T-Rex ...

2019-04-19 04:13 100,716 YouTube

Longest Toy Track In The World! | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

Hot Wheels heads to Moscow, Russia where the longest toy track in the world is built. The track measures a whopping 560 meters, which equals 1.72 Eiffel ...

2019-04-20 02:21 13,971 YouTube

MONSTER TRUCK TEAMS BATTLE IT OUT! | Monster Trucks | Hot Wheels

Check out these Monster Trucks as they team up in an epic competition. It's Team Orange VS. Team Blue in this fierce battle of Monsters and obstacles!

2019-04-18 05:48 120,285 YouTube

HW X-Raycers Interdimensional Mayhem | Hot Wheels

The X-Raycers® blast through an Interdimensional Portal! While gathered in the lab to check out this new cool invention, something goes haywire. A spinning ...

2019-04-21 03:36 12,376 YouTube


20 new Hot Wheels. The Super 6 Lane. Hot Wheels Track weaving through Giant Monsters! Join us as we attempt to race Hot Wheels cars over, under and ...

2018-10-30 31:57 1,280,728 YouTube

BIGGEST HOT WHEELS TRACK EVER MADE? | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

In this episode of unlimited, we upsize to a full-size racetrack! Our latest build is 1 mile long, and over 5,000 feet! Is it the longest Hot Wheels track ever?...

2017-12-18 04:52 16 Dailymotion

Burger King Hot wheels - BK JR Hot wheels - Kids meal Hot wheels Dezembro 2016 e Janeiro 2017

Burger King Hot wheels - BK JR Hot wheels - Kids meal Hot wheels Dezembro 2016 e Janeiro 2017 portugues Brasil BR Burger King junior Burguer - Hot wheels e Barb...

2018-01-30 10:05 6 Dailymotion

TANNER FOX 37MPH HOT WHEELS MEGA RAMP | Hot Wheels Unlimited | Hot Wheels

Tanner Fox joins us this week for the ultimate hot wheels unlimited mega ramp! Watch as our diecast car goes around the loops and completes an epic race to the ...

2017-12-03 03:51 20 Dailymotion